A short story about Defense Records

Defense Records was founded to release the album of Polish band Whorehouse “Execution of Humanity”. Going with the punch I decided to release some other bands from my yard playing Thrash, Death or Grind, which are very close to my interests. After years I decided to extend my horizons with regards to the released albums. I head with personal relations with musicans and my instinct, like a wild animal which is visible in my logo. Releasing CD’s is not a profitable activity, moreover when you tread on those, who stick in theirs choose never looking back on changing economic situations or trends.
Leading with label is some kind of hard addiction; some people can more rationalise it, have bigger determination, with consideration try to analyse every spend dollar looking on it earlier with angst. There is space in Defense for any play-safe actions. We blindly dart ourselves carried on the outburst of a moment, counting on the favor of fate. Those who crossed our doorstep divest theirself of illusive expectancy – don’t walk this way!!!

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