Swedish F.O.A.D ‘Birth of Extinction’ debut album out on Nov 25th, 2016.

Defense Records & Mythrone Promotion proudly present mighty debut full-length album by

F.O.A.D – ‘Birth of Extinction’ digipak CD 2016
Relasase date: Nov 25th, 2016


F.O.A.D brings pure fucking swedish thrash metal. F.O.A.D gives out insanity, radioactivity and bizarre illnesses… for all devoted worshippers of ancient underground powers derived from Hexenhaus, Sodom, Merciless and early Voivod.

In anticipation of the physical version of the album, you can estimate now the firepower of Swedish trio and check the video for the song ‘Doomed Rebirth of Christ’ on Youtube.

Full premiere listening of ‘Birth of Extinction’ will appear online on Nov 25th , 2016 by courtesy of prestigious No Clean Singing.

F.O.A.D or better called Fuck Off And Die is a Swedish thrash metal band from Västerås formed for the first time in 1986, along with the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl, next hibernated for many years from various reasons and once again revealed in 2012. Inspired by all those good old thrashy bands from the 80´s and early 90´s they recorded few early songs (e.c. ‘Morbid Truth’), never before released on physical format.
First official F.O.A.D release emerged with ‘Demo-Nical’ demo in 2014. In late 2015 the band recorded the material for their debut album ‘Birth of Extinction’, the lion’s share of which was published under the same title as the EP, first as limited to 150 copies tape released through Darkness Shall Rise Productions in Feb. 2016, and later in May 2016 at band expense as CD in a digipak, printed in limited run of a 100 copies. Made as a reminder of the 30th anniversary of Chernobyl and F.O.A.D’s first ray of mist.
Finally, through the efforts of Defense Records and Mythrone Promotion ‘Birth of Extinction’ appears as a full-length debut album on Nov. 25th, 2016, enriched with archive F.O.A.D demo recordings.

01. Avoid the Smell of Semen
02. Chaos of Reign
03. Legion of the Dead
04. Doomed Rebirth of Christ
05. Deathcamp VIII
06. Bastard Son
07. Holiday in Armenia

From the 2014 demo ‘Demo-Nical’
08. Among the Living Carcass
09. Bastard Son
10. Doomed Rebirth of Christ

The first out of the womb in 2012
11. Morbid Truth

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